This year's safety award goes to DONG Energy

Focus on safe behaviour reduces the number of work-related accidents offshore. The efforts were rewarded at the Danish oil industry's annual Safety Conference.

OGD's reasons for the awards

The Safety Award in the 'companies' category:
 DONG Energy E&P, SIRI platform, receives the companies award for a very clear demonstration of the fact that safety always comes first and for having a very high safety level under difficult conditions at the Siri platform. 

The Safety Award in the 'individual persons' category: Frank Gravers Jensen, Semco Maritime, receives the individual award for showing great commitment to safety – a commitment far beyond what can be expected.

DONG Energy and LTIF 
  • LTIF is the abbreviation for Lost Time Injury Frequency, meaning work-related accidents resulting in absence of one day or more, per million working hours
  • In 2013, DONG Energy's LTIF was 3.2
  • The Group target is to be below 1.5 in 2020 
There was consensus that DONG Energy E&P deserves to receive this year's safety award when Oli Gas Denmark (OGD) held its annual Safety Conference in Esbjerg on Thursday – Task Force Zero. Lectures on many different topics concerning safety were given, and two prizes were awarded. One to companies and one to individual persons.
All OGD's member organisations had one vote in both categories and DONG Energy E&P won the award for best safety work in the companies category. The work of improving processes and establishing a culture with more focus on safety related to the Siri platform was nominated and rewarded.
Naturally, Sten Falkenberg, Offshore Installation Manager, was very pleased with the recognition.
"The award highly recognizes our efforts to reduce the number of accidents, and I'm proud that our colleagues in the business see the value of our work and think that our efforts are worth pointing out."
Carsten Joest Nielsen, Operations Manager in the Siri organisation:
"Across the organisation, extensive efforts have been made to improve safety even more -not only with our colleagues but also with the suppliers we use to a large extent in connection with the comprehensive repair of the Siri platform. "
Focus areas:
  • Safety courses
  • Focus on safe behaviour when working
  • Safe job analysis
  • Involvement of suppliers
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