Hard-working offshore wind farm turns ten

South of Lolland, 72 wind turbines are spinning in the Baltic Sea in the brisk December weather. They have done so for 10 years today. Nysted Offshore Wind Farm turns ten and can look back at 10 years with impressive production figures.


  • DONG Energy owns 42.75% of Nysted Offshore Wind Farm, whereas Stadtwerke Lübeck owns 7.25% and PensionDanmark owns 50%.

  • The 72 wind turbines in the wind farm are placed in a parallelogram consisting of 8 rows with 9 wind turbines each.

  • The offshore wind turbines are delivered by Siemens and are based on the 'Danish concept', ie three bladed wind turbines spinning clockwise.

  • Each wind turbine can yield 2.3MW. The total effect is consequently 165.6MW.

  • Nysted Offshore Wind Farm was the largest wind farm until 2008 where Horns Rev 2 with its 209MW surpassed Nysted Offshore Wind Farm.

  • 21 employees are employed at Nysted Offshore Wind Farm.

  • Nysted Offshore Wind Farm is capable of producing 595GWh on an annual basis. 595GWh corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 145,000 households.

  • Some of the results of the EIA reports from Nysted Offshore Wind Farm, eg how the seals were affected by the noise during the construction of the offshore wind farm, are still used as basis for new projects. 
  • Vessel impact risk assessments from Nysted Offshore Wind Farm has formed the basis for best practice in the offshore wind farm industry.

  • International design standards have been prepared on the basis of the Nysted Offshore Wind Farm, such as eg design of gravity foundations. Furthermore, standards have also been prepared for monitoring wind turbine blades offshore and the need for special-purpose vessels for installation.

  • When a part of Nysted Offshore Wind Farm was sold to Stadtwerke Lübeck and PensionDanmark, this initiated DONG Energy's partnership model which is also internationally recognised.
Thomas Almegaard from DONG Energy, who is responsible for operations and maintenance at Nysted Offshore Wind Farm, praises his employees for their efforts throughout the years. Today, with its approximately 98 per cent availability, Nysted Offshore Wind Farm is one of the offshore wind farms with the highest availability*. "We have some incredibly dedicated employees employed at Nysted Offshore Wind Farm. They understand the wind turbines and are always abreast of potential problems. They don't leave work if a wind turbine reports an error, and they always leave the wind turbine just as spotless as their own living room," said Thomas Almegaard with a twinkle in his eye.

A pioneer within offshore wind farms

Nysted Offshore Wind Farm is known in the wind turbine industry and not least because it has been very important in connection with the development of offshore wind farms. Tove Feld, Head of Engineering in DONG Energy Wind Power, said that she believes that Nysted Offshore Wind Farm has been a stepping stone for subsequent offshore wind farms:

"At the beginning of 2000, Denmark became a technology hub within wind power and especially within offshore wind power with the construction of Horns Rev I and Nysted Offshore Wind Farm. It was pioneer work which has formed the basis for the development of subsequent offshore wind farms nationally and internationally."

Nysted Offshore Wind Farm has been an inspiration in several areas, she explained:

"Nysted Offshore Wind Farm and Horns Rev I formed the basis for the development of offshore wind turbines in a number of areas from EIA investigation (environmental impact assessment), preparation of preliminary surveys within geosciences, wind, waves, etc. Furthermore, the wind farms have also formed the basis for important knowledge in terms of design, wind farm layout, fabrication, testing, installation, substation concept, grid connection and operations and maintenance for future offshore wind farms. In other words, it is a wind farm which has contributed immensely to the technology development within the wind industry."

The now 10 years old offshore wind farm has been very important to the success that Denmark has achieved within the offshore wind farm area.

Training in Nysted 

The employees at Nysted Offshore Wind Farm play an important role in sharing their knowledge and experience with colleagues in other countries, eg in the UK and Germany.

"At Nysted, we've had all technicians from London visit us to be trained in the work on logistics and systems related to offshore wind turbines. Our Borkum Riffgrund colleagues will also visit us to be trained," said Thomas Almegaard.

Tove Feld supplemented:

"The knowledge gained from Nysted Offshore Wind Farm is very valuable even today and it is still driving the development of offshore wind power. Especially within operations and maintenance of offshore wind turbines, but the wind farm has also contributed to creating international design standards using 10 years of documentation, such as eg design of gravity foundations."

Congratulations with the 10 year anniversary!

* Availability means how many hours the wind turbines are ready to operate calculated as a percentage of time.
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