Making Hybrids Happen

Joint paper by Elia Group and Ørsted.

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Connecting offshore wind farms to two or more markets at the same time, essentially combining offshore wind farms and interconnectors into ‘offshore hybrid projects’, is a key enabler to Europe’s green transformation.
But offshore hybrids are also complex projects to plan, finance and execute, due to their cross-border nature. In this joint paper, Ørsted and Elia Group propose tangible solutions to help overcome these barriers.

The paper details:

  • How offshore bidding zones, while an efficient way to manage dispatch of hybrid assets, introduce new risk to the developers of hybrid projects – and how these risks can be mitigated.
  • Why a societally optimal buildout of offshore infrastructure requires a new approach to planning, considering needs and potentials across the region, not just in the two participating countries.
  • How the asymmetrical distribution of investments and benefits of offshore hybrids can be solved via the introduction of an Offshore Investment Bank per sea basin
  • The need for making the first wave of offshore hybrids a political priority