Getting GB electricity market design right

Changes that support a greener future system

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The UK renewable energy sector has undergone remarkable change in the last two decades. However, much more growth is needed to meet the country’s decarbonisation targets. Now that renewables have become established, further scaling up requires wider changes to the electricity system. Network investment has not kept pace with the rapid increase in renewable energy build-out and as a result there is a challenge to transporting new renewable electricity to where it is needed.

In this paper, we set out in clear terms the challenges faced by the electricity system and the three associated changes needed to support the move to a greener future energy system

You can read about:

  • The key challenges the electricity system faces
  • The three connected changes that we propose which would support a greener future energy system
  • Our views on locational pricing and how we can maintain the UK’s status as a world-leading market for investing in renewable energy.