Major shareholder announcement


This announcement does not constitute an offering circular and nothing herein contains an offering of securities. No one should purchase or subscribe for any securities in DONG Energy A/S ("DONG Energy" or the "Company") except on the basis of information in the offering circular published by DONG Energy in connection with the offering and admission of such securities to trading and official listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S (“Nasdaq Copenhagen”).

Pursuant to section 29 of the Danish Securities Trading Act and Danish Executive Order no. 1256 of 4 November 2015 on major shareholders, DONG Energy has today been notified by SEAS-NVE A.m.b.A., CVR no. 68 51 52 11, Hovedgaden 36, 4520 Svinninge, Denmark, that SEAS-NVE A.m.b.A., which through its wholly-owned subsidiary SEAS-NVE Holding A/S, CVR no. 25 78 44 13, Hovedgaden 36, 4520 Svinninge, Denmark has so far owned 10.82% of DONG Energy's share capital and voting rights, today – through SEAS-NVE Holding A/S – has sold 5,070,110 shares, each with a nominal value of DKK 10 (corresponding to a total nominal amount of DKK 50,701,100) in DONG Energy as part of the initial public offering and admission for listing and trading of DONG Energy's shares on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Upon completion and settlement of the sale described above, SEAS-NVE A.m.b.A. – through SEAS-NVE Holding A/S – will hold a total of 40,125,120 shares, each with a nominal value of DKK 10 (corresponding to a total nominal amount of DKK 401,251,200) in DONG Energy, corresponding to 9.61% of the share capital and 9.61% of the voting rights.

The sale of shares thus brings SEAS-NVE Holding A/S's (and indirectly SEAS-NVE A.m.b.A.'s) share of the voting rights and share capital of DONG Energy to below 10%.

SEAS-NVE A.m.b.A. is a Danish cooperative society with limited liability owned by natural and legal persons who, within a geographical area from time to time defined by the board of SEAS-NVE A.m.b.A., buys power and has access to an installation connected to a power grid owned by the SEAS-NVE Group.

The information provided in this announcement does not change DONG Energy’s previous financial guidance for the 2016 financial year.

For additional information, please contact:

Media Relations
Martin Barlebo
+45 99 55 95 52

Investor Relations
Henrik Brünniche Lund
+ 45 99 55 97 22

This announcement does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or subscribe for any shares or other securities of DONG Energy A/S or affiliates thereof. The announcement is not directed to any person resident in any jurisdiction in which the submission or distribution of this announcement would contravene the law of such jurisdiction.  This announcement may not be distributed to persons resident in any such jurisdiction. Accordingly this announcement may not be distributed in any jurisdiction outside Denmark if such distribution would require any registration, qualification or other requirement.  Any person acquiring possession of this announcement is expected and assumed to obtain on his or her own accord any necessary information on any applicable restrictions and to comply with such restrictions.

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