Election of Board members

12.04.07 The Board of Directors of DONG Energy has on the 11th of April 2007 given notice to convene the Annual General Meeting of DONG Energy. The meeting will be held on the 26th of April 2007 at 1pm at DONG Energy's headquarters: Kraftværksvej 53, Skærbæk, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark. In accordance with DONG Energy's articles of association, the members of the Board of Directors resign each year at the Annual General Meeting. At the Annual General Meeting on the 26th of April 2007 it will be proposed that the following members be elected to the Board of Directors: Fritz Schur, Chairman Lars Nørby Johansen, Deputy Chairman Jens Kampmann Asbjørn Larsen Poul Arne Nielsen Kresten Philipsen Lars Rebien Sørensen Jakob Brogaard In addition, four employee representatives for the DONG Energy-group will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. For further information, please contact: Chairman of the Board Fritz Schur, +45 33 96 00 00