DONG Energy explores option for building power plant in Germany

28.11.06 DONG Energy explores option for building power plant in Germany. The project development is currently undergoing and will continue until the end of 2007. At that time an investment decision for construction of the power plant is to be finally confirmed and would allow time for the power plant to be in full operation before end of 2012. It is the intention that strategic partners will be invited to participate in the project ahead of final conclusion of the development phase. DONG Energy will manage all phases of the project, from early project development and construction to operation and maintenance of the power plant. DONG Energy has concluded an agreement with WV Energie AG to acquire 100 pct. of a German company, which holds an option to purchase a site located near Greifswald in Mecklenburg Vorpommern suitable for the construction of a coal-fired power plant. The agreement is subject to approval from the German competition authorities expected in December 2006. "A construction of a power plant in Germany would support our existing activities in Germany and is based upon our core competencies within clean coal-technology." says CEO Anders Eldrup. Investor Relations Michael Steen-Knudsen +45 4480 6850 Media Relations Louise Münter +45 4480 6910