DONG's Annual General Meeting held today

19.04.2006 DONG's Annual General Meeting held today   At the Annual General Meeting, the report on the activities of the Company during the past year was submitted and taken as read.   In addition, the shareholders approved the following items on the agenda: • Audited Annual Report • A resolution for ratification of the acts of the Supervisory Board and of the Executive Board and discharging them from liability • Resolution regarding the distribution of the net profit for the year according to the Annual Report as adopted. DKK 35 million in dividend will be distributed for the year • Re-election of the chairman and the other nominees to the Supervisory Board; change of fees to Supervisory Board members o Fritz H. Schur, re-elected as Chairman o Lars Nørby Johansen, re-elected as Deputy Chairman o Kresten Philipsen and Poul Arne Nielsen, newly elected o The proposed change in fees to Supervisory Board members • Re-election of auditor and new elected auditor o Re-election of KPMG C.Jespersen, Statsautoriseret Revisionsinteressentskab o Deloitte, Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab, newly elected • Increase of the Company's share capital by nom. DKK 793,499,000, up from DKK 2,143,600,000 to nom. DKK 2,937,099,000, with a consequential amendment of Article 3 in the Company's Articles of Association • Authorisation to make the necessary filing of adopted decisions