Elsam's CEO, Peter Høstgaard-Jensen, to step down

04.05.2006 Elsam's CEO, Peter Høstgaard-Jensen, has announced that he will be stepping down. Sven Riskær, Chairman of DONG's Supervisory Board, says: "Peter Høstgaard-Jensen has announced that he wishes to step down as CEO of Elsam. In connection with the merger between DONG and Elsam I have had a very close cooperation with Peter Høstgaard-Jensen, whom I know as a very knowledgeable, competent and pleasant person. Peter Høstgaard-Jensen has decided that his aspirations and endeavours are incompatible with the new structure, and I respect his decision to step down", says Sven Riskær, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DONG. Anders Eldrup, CEO of DONG, says: "I have great respect for Peter Høstgaard-Jensen and the skill with which he has been running Elsam to become one of Northern Europe's most efficient power utilities. For me, the important thing now is to create calm and stability - not just for Elsam's employees, but for the more than 5,000 employees in DONG, Elsam, ENERGI E2, NESA, Københavns Energi and Frederiksberg Forsyning, who, working together, must help to create Denmark's new large energy company. Our employees are our key resource, and we will need all the good help we can get". Contact: Peter Arnfeldt, Vice President, Corporate Communications, DONG, +45 4517 1550