A world that runs entirely on green energy

Why pursue a greener world?

A world that runs entirely on green energy will fuel a green economy, spur social development, and make the planet cleaner. Crucially, it will help fight climate change and its many consequences for humans and nature.


We have many of the solutions to get there, but the green energy transformation is not happening nearly fast enough. A 2018 IPCC report demonstrates that we need to reduce current global greenhouse gas emissions by 55% in 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 for the planet to stay below a 1.5°C increase in global warming. This requires energy to be almost completely de-carbonised.

Globally, coal needs to be completely phased out by 2050 and renewables must power 60% of energy use by 2030, rising to 70-85% by 2050.

Wind and solar play a key role. The deployment of these technologies at scale has brought down costs making them cheaper than fossil fuels and nuclear in many markets. This is a game changer that we think will inspire a global green energy revolution.

Benefits of a greener world

A cleaner, greener world will benefit all living creatures, and on a societal level, it will bring wide scale benefits. The transformation will stimulate economic growth through low-carbon employment, which is projected to lead to a net gain of 37 million jobs globally. 

It will also trigger social development. The almost one billion people who do not have access to electricity today will be able to enjoy the advantages of light at the flick of a switch, refrigerated food, and heating or cooling.

Green leadership

We´ve transformed from a black to a green energy company and now we are dedicated to helping more parts of the world go green.
We have taken action by reducing our CO2 emissions, 27 years faster than science demands for the energy sector. And even as our global footprint expands, we shall continue to be well within the limits for the industry.

How we are building a greener world

We have defined four sustainability programmes to pursue a world that runs entirely on green energy:
A world that runs entirely on green energy - Programmes
  • Green leadership

    Overshooting 1.5˚C can happen as early as 2030, and corporate action is needed to halt emissions. We take action by increasing our green share of our energy generation, reducing our carbon emissions 27 years faster than science demands, working to disclose climate-related risks and opportunities, and through climate awareness-raising.

  • Deployment of wind power
    SDG#7 --> Target: 7.2

    The world’s energy generation from renewables has never been higher than today, but the world’s fossil fuel production remains high. We aim to grow deployment of offshore wind in Europe, US and Asia Pacific, and onshore wind in US.

  • Greener power stations
    SDG#7 --> Target: 7.2

    Coal is the most carbon-emitting fossil fuel, and after two years of decline, global consumption has increased again. The use of coal must be stopped to effectively limit climate change. We phase out the use of coal in our operations through conversion of our combined heat and power (CHP) stations in Denmark from coal and gas to sustainable biomass.

  • Integration of green energy
    SDG#9 --> Target: 9.4

    A world that runs entirely on green energy will rely on a power grid that can balance fluctuating energy generation and consumption patterns. We promote flexibility of supply and consumption through integrated energy solutions and look into combining various technologies, including onshore wind, battery storage and solar PV.

Accelerating the global green energy transformation

In Ørsted, we want to help accelerate the transformation away from fossil fuels to green energy. In 2018, we have increased our buildout targets for offshore wind to 15GW by 2025, enough to power more than 30 million people.

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Replacing fossil fuels with sustainable biomass

When sourced sustainably, biomass reduces carbon emissions significantly compared to coal and gas. Sustainable biomass is therefore a crucial stepping stone towards a fossil-free society.
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A healthy working life in a busy world 

In a modern fast-paced culture, it is crucial to actively support employees to counter stress and burn-out.
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Sustainability report 2018

A greener planet for
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