- to build an entirely green world

Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Ørsted

To limit climate change and to power the world sustainably, we must drastically accelerate the transformation of the world’s energy systems from
black to green.  

Our investments in green energy bring tangible benefits to society

In Ørsted, our investments have helped power millions of people with green energy, fight climate change, and boost economic growth and job creation.

Goodbye CO2

See the journey we´re on towards a world that runs entirely on green energy

Our sustainability strategy makes our commitment operational and tangible

Sustainability strategy
- our three priorities

A world that runs entirely on green energy

Why pursue a greener world?

Enabling sustainable growth

What does sustainable green growth mean?

Business integrity

What is good business conduct?

Our governance

Our sustainability governance ensures that we live up to our sustainability commitment

Sustainability report 2018

A greener planet for
a better world