Our business

Leading the change to green energy

Smart decisions today will help avoid impacting and limiting the choices of generations to come

Leading the change to green energy

Our main areas of business are within Wind Power, Bioenergy and Thermal Power, as well as our Distribution and Customer Solutions. Each area contributes to our vision of a planet that runs entirely on green energy

Wind Power

We pioneered the world's first offshore wind farm in 1991.
Today, we´ve established ourselves as the unrivalled leader within global offshore wind power production.

Bioenergy & Thermal Power

A Key solution central to our fight against climate change. Our Bioenergy and Thermal Power capabilities ensure reliable, clean and sustainable electricity and heat production solutions.

Distribution & Customer Solutions

We all use energy. Our Distribution & Customer Solutions supply it. Using intelligent and energy-efficient methods, here we handle the purchase, sale and distribution of energy.

Turning waste into energy

Renescience turns unsorted municipal waste into biogas, while allowing plastics, glass and metals to be recycled

Henrik Poulsen, CEO:

"It's time to take real action to create a world
that runs entirely on green energy"