About us
Taking real action

About Ørsted

We are a renewable energy company that takes tangible action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

About Us

It’s time to take real action to create a better world that runs entirely on green energy. That is why we have become Ørsted

Wind Power

We pioneered the worlds first offshore wind farm in 1991. Today we have become the global leader within offshore wind power production

Bioenergy & Thermal Power

A key solution central to our fight against climate change. Our Bioenergy & Thermal Power capabilities ensure reliable, clean and sustainable electricity and heat production solutions.

Distribution & Customer Solutions

We all use energy. Our Distribution & Customer Solutions supply it. Using intelligent and energy-efficient methods, here we handle the purchase, sale and distribution of energy.

Green. All day. Every day

We want to help create a world where people can use energy as a natural part of their everyday lives without contributing to climate change

Our leadership team

We have a two-tier management structure consisting of a Board of Directors and our Group Executive Management

Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Ørsted

"It's time to take real action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy"

Sponsorship stories

We actively seek to enter sponsorship partnerships with other organisations


To reach our goals, we need to ensure that all practices and procedures in place help us towards our objective.


Group Procurement is in charge of negotiating and concluding procurement contracts on goods and services for Ørsted.