Our Offshore Wind capabilities

Limitless supply. Limitless opportunity.

Since pioneering the first offshore wind farm in 1991, we have established ourselves as the leader within global offshore wind power production. We have built more offshore wind farms than any other company worldwide.

Key figures 2019

Revenue: DKK 40.2 billion
EBITDA: DKK 15.2 billion
Employees (FTE): 2,777
Power generation: 12.0 TWh

By 2025, we aim to more than double our offshore wind capacity to the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 30 million people. We are firm believers in the massive potential that wind energy holds as a renewable energy source. 

As a global leader within green energy, we play a role in aiding our planet's trans-formation towards cleaner energy.

We therefore actively seek to enter new partnerships locally that can help us realize our vision of creating a world that runs on green energy. 

Illustration comparing the size of Ørsted wind turbines over the years.
Close-up of the blades of an offshore wind turbine.

Next generation wind technology

Innovative design of wind power components such as aerodynamic smart blades and sensors continue to be critical to achieving renewable energy goals

Our Offshore Wind farms

We are the global leader in developing and building offshore wind farms. Find out more about each location, how many turbines they have, how much energy they produce

A row of offshore wind turbines at sea.