Ørsted Offshore – Proposals for collaboration on R&D or technology development projects

Do you have an idea for an R&D project that you would like Ørsted to participate in? Submit your proposal using the form below! 

One of Ørsted's offshore wind farms.

Ørsted Offshore continues to be at the forefront of innovation, R&D, technology development and cost reduction in offshore energy. Maintaining this position is in no small part a result of supporting and collaborating with innovative companies and research organisations from our own and related sectors.

We are always pleased to receive relevant proposals for R&D or technology development projects, including those that are applying for public funding. We will consider requests for our support either in an active role or in the form of a “letter of support.” All such requests should be submitted using the form below.

Please note that this form should only be used for genuine R&D (including knowledge generation) or technology development project proposals. Proposals concerning technologies or products which are already commercially available or otherwise do not require further development should be brought to the attention of our Procurement team using the supplier registration form.

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Please complete the form below to submit your proposal for consideration by Ørsted Offshore.

All requests will be considered and responded to. A response can be expected in around 20 working days. Requests for more rapid responses cannot be fulfilled.

Any supplementary documentation can be sent to proposal@orsted.com, but please note that the form below must also be completed in full. Proposals sent directly to members of Ørsted staff will be re-directed to this form before consideration.