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Taking action in a complex market

Markets activities

With increasingly fluctuating commodity prices and ever-changing market requirements, professional management of energy has never been more important. We are committed to offer the preferred solutions within energy trading and portfolio services by letting you gain advantage from access to skilled competences, a competitive analytical and technical set-up, and further benefit from our strong credit rating making us a secure, competitive, and trusted business partner.  

We believe in long lasting business relations and whether you are searching for portfolio optimization, sophisticated tailor-made products within gas and power, or might want to get a leap into the green energy transition, we have the expertise, products, and capabilities that can assist you and your business in reaching new targets.

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Our services

We have a strong market understanding and the legal and regulatory expertise to service a diversified and growing customer group. Our services are wide-ranging and includes amongst others:

  • Energy Sourcing
  • Full-Service Commodity and Certificate Trading
  • Asset Optimization
  • Customized Wholesale and Retail Services
  • Standard and Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Balancing Services
  • Pioneering Flexibility Solutions
  • Route to Market and Risk Management Services
  • Our different services (below)
  • Portfolio services power
  • Portfolio services gas
  • Retail service platform
  • Customer trading solutions

Among our external customers are wholesale trading companies, industrial companies, asset owners, and retailers across the UK, Central Europe, and the Nordics. We continuously develop our setup as markets change in order to offer ongoing portfolio and customer value.

We strive always to offer a flexible and committed service where you can expect easy transactions and dialogue with our Trading Floor and dedicated specialists. Our integrated compliance function further ensures integrity and transparency in all our services. 

Gain an advantage from our portfolio and market access

By utilizing our far-reaching business activities and operations, we can help and assist you to gain a competitive edge. Our leading renewable cross-commodity presence enables us to offer full-service solutions and depending on your needs, synergies from doing business with us could arise from our;

  • rapidly growing renewable power portfolio
  • significant physical gas portfolio 
  • efficient and growing 24/7 trading and operations setup on gas and power 
  • strong credit rating of Baa1 with Moody’s