DONG Energy ready with an emergency response team for the International Eurovision Song Contest

The Danish singer Basim is in the starting blocks, along with many other singers from all over Europe. Copenhagen is ready. And DONG Energy is ready for the International Eurovision Song Contest.

What does it take to supply one of the largest events ever in Denmark?

With DONG Energy's and the organisers' own systems, the total installed capacity will reach 13.5 megawatts. This capacity is able to cover the equivalent of almost 30,000 households' annual consumption.

The reason why the organisers at this type of huge events have their own systems is that they want 100% security of supply. No energy company can give this type of guarantee as the electricity grid may suffer unforeseen events that are out of our control. We experienced that in Denmark in 2003 when there was a power outage across Zealand and in Southern Sweden due to faults in the Swedish electricity grid.

On Saturday 10 May, almost 200 million viewers are expected to follow the Grand Final of this year's international Eurovision Song Contest. DONG Energy helps supply power to the large event.

Søren Pedersen from DONG Energy’s grid centre explained: "As agreed with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, we've established additional power supply in the form of four new transformer stations, and the organisers have installed two large gen-sets which are to provide power for the TV transmissions, including broadcast vehicles, stage lighting, music systems, surveillance and video screens."

On standby

DONG Energy's team does what they can to secure the power supply.

Lars Nordgaard Pedersen, Team Leader, said:

"We've been busy preparing and securing the power supply. The only thing that we haven't made sure of is that we'll have a Danish winner again - but let's keep our fingers crossed that the Danish 'Cliché Love Song' bags all the votes."

"DONG Energy has organised an extraordinary duty roster, which is on standby during the semifinals and the actual event on Saturday. This applies to both the transformer station at Kløvermarken and the Song Contest area. This will minimise the response time if something unexpected should happen."

How do you name four new transformer stations to be used for the Eurovision Song Contest? Naturally, they are named after some of the former Danish participants: Jørgen, Noller, Gry and Mabel.

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