DONG Energy repeats traffic school success in Skærbæk

In collaboration with DONG Energy, the Danish Transport and Logistics Association, DTL, will visit the local primary school Fjordbakkeskolen in Taulov from 8 to 10 December to teach the children how to watch out for large vehicles in the traffic. Occasion: Skærbæk Power Station is being converted for wood chip firing instead of gas from 2017. The construction work will result in more heavy traffic in the local area.

Over the next couple of days, 430 schoolchildren from Year 0 to 6 at Fjordbakkeskolen in Taulov will have a new subject on their timetable: road traffic safety. DONG Energy has asked DTL, the Danish Transport and Logistics Association, to teach road traffic safety to the children, as DONG Energy is currently carrying out a major conversion of Skærbæk Power Station, which means that an additional number of trucks will be passing through the Skærbæk area.

Leif Høgh Sørensen, Project Manager at DONG Energy, said:

"With being a major company in a local community also comes a local responsibility. Safety is already a key priority internally at DONG Energy, and we would also like to focus on safety outside our company. We're therefore delighted that DTL once again is kind enough to provide instructors, drivers and a truck for the road traffic safety course that will teach the children how to safely negotiate large truck traffic."

In September, DONG Energy and DTL held a similar and very successful course for a lot of happy children at Fjordbakkeskolen in Skærbæk, and now the children at the school in Taulov will therefore be offered the course.

Dorit Boettger Nielsen, Road Traffic Liaison Teacher at Fjordbakkeskolen in Taulov, said: "We are extremely pleased that we can work together on this in the local community. Here at the Taulov branch, we have been looking forward to offering the course to our schoolchildren, so that they can see for themselves what it's like to be a truck driver with limited visibility. As a school, it's of course also our responsibility to ensure that the journey to and from school is as safe as possible."

Road safety from a child's perspective

The road safety course at Fjordbakkeskolen is part of an annual, nationwide road traffic campaign aimed at children organised by the Danish Child Accident Prevention Foundation, Børneulykkesfonden. The course, which will be provided by Børneulykkesfonden's partner, DTL, will teach the children how to watch out for the large trucks on the roads, with special focus on visibility and trucks turning right. 

Frank Davidsen, Vice President at DTL, said:

"Road safety is a key focus area for DTL and our members. We have participated in the annual road safety campaign for the past 12 years, and so far 90,000 schoolchildren have attended the courses." 

Davidsen continued:

"When a school or, in this case, DONG Energy wants to know more about road safety, we do everything we can to offer our assistance, because we believe that visual contact with a truck makes children aware why they need to look after themselves when negotiating the traffic. It saves human lives and makes all us look after each other on the roads."

Programme for Fjordbakkeskolen – 8 to 10 December: 

  • All days from 8:10 to 13:45 
  • 18 classes (430 schoolchildren) from Year 0 to 6 will be divided into three groups and attend a one-day course
  • The children start out with a 20-minute session in the classroom 
  • DTL will also provide a truck, and all children are invited inside the cab
  • On completion of the course, all children get a reflective vest and a letter to show their parents.
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