DONG A/S issues 2 bond offerings

DONG A/S, rated Baa1 / BBB+ (stable on both), has today issued two types of bond offerings in the European Capital market. The offering consists of the following issues: 1. A 5.5 % EUR 1.1 billion 1000 year capital security with a call date and step-up in year 10. The issue was priced at 220 basis points above mid-swaps and attracted bids from over 200 inves-tors for a total amount of more than EUR 3 billion. The instrument is rated Baa3/BBB- from Moodys and S&P. Both agencies will grant the instrument 50% equity treatment 2. A 3,5 % EUR 500 million 7 year senior issue. The issue was priced at 52 basis points above mid-swaps and attracted bids totalling 1.7 bn from over 130 investors. The purpose of the transactions is to strengthen DONG's capital base and to fund DONG's recent in-vestments and acquisitions. Contact Michael Steen-Knudsen, Investor Relations, telephone +45 4517 1556 Jens Tovborg Jensen, Corporate Communication, telephone +45 4517 1565