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A steep learning curve from start to finish

Join us as a Student Assistant

A student job with us provides you with an in-depth insight into our business and is a good way to begin working with us.

Meaningful impact

A student job that is relevant to the subject you are studying is the best way for you to try out your theoretical skills on real-life models. If you get a student job with us, it is also because we think you can make a difference and that we can give you something in return to help with your studies. For this reason we invite you to look for relevant student jobs with us, which may help you to progress in our organisation when you have finished your education. We work actively to offer student jobs in all departments.

Our student network, Ørsted Students, also helps strengthen the ties between student workers throughout our various business units and enable knowledge sharing and learning among our student workers.

Who can apply?

We look for students on bachelor and master’s degrees across most major lines of studies, who have demonstrated good academic results, personal drive and accountability plus the ability to learn and adapt quickly. A student job, relevant to your subject area is the best way to further your career with us.

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Write your student project with us

Do you want to collaborate on a real-world problem with one of Europe’s leading energy companies and a world leader in offshore wind power?

What are the requirements?

  • You are currently enrolled on a relevant course of study at a university or business school and are working towards your degree.
  • You can typically do a bachelor or master thesis project with us, but larger semester projects are also welcome.
  • You yourself have to find a teacher at your place of education, who will act as your University Supervisor for the thesis.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that all the technical equipment, e.g. laboratory facilities, you will need when writing your thesis is available at your place of education.
  • You, in collaboration with you University Supervisor, are responsible for ensuring that the thesis meets your University's academic standards and requirements.
  • In addition to your CV, Cover Letter and transcript, the CV / background of your University Supervisor is to be included in the application.

Available thesis topics

Find available student projects under Open positions.

Submit a technical project proposal

Ørsted welcomes technical collaboration proposals from University Professors in engineering disciplines, geoscience and physics. 

To submit a technical collaboration proposal complete this template, and email it to

The following two students completed a student project at Ørsted. Click their respective “read more” to learn more about what they gained from the experience.

From Master's thesis to PhD

Jakob Glasdam, Electrical Power Engineer from Aalborg University, completed his Master's thesis in 2011
  • Read more about Jakob Glasdam

    "The subject of my thesis was offshore wind power, and the purpose was to develop an analysis model to assess the risk of unacceptably high switching surges occurring in large offshore wind farms. The consequences of such surges may be breakdown and destruction of the electrical components operating the offshore wind farm. More specifically, I developed a circuit breaker model, which was used in the analysis.

    The purpose of the analysis was also to evaluate the simulation tools used by Ørsted in the design phase of an offshore wind farm, allowing us to significantly reduce the error rate of the electrical components operating our offshore wind farms. In this way, we ensure the supply of renewable energy to our many electricity customers. The result of the thesis is now being implemented in Ørsted's future work with the construction of offshore wind farms.

    Ørsted was the obvious choice for me as my interests lie within offshore wind power. It was also important for me to be allowed a long thesis process, ie two semesters rather than one, which gave me the opportunity for a more in-depth study of the subject. It was also the stepping stone to my PhD, which I subsequently started in cooperation with Ørsted. I am able to use the results I have obtained through both the thesis and the PhD in my future work."

    Thesis title: Development, Validation and Application of a Vacuum Circuit Breaker Model For Time Domain Analysis in Large Offshore Wind Farms.

    Read more about Ørsted Wind Power.


Professional growth

We invest significantly in employee development as our people are our most important catalyst for our future growth