Enabling sustainable growth

Turning challenges into enablers for more green energy

In our transition to a green energy company, we have come to face different societal challenges. Protection of biodiversity offshore and impacts on local communities just to mention a few. To ensure that we grow sustainably, it is necessary that we address these challenges. In short, we try to turn them into enablers for achieving our vision.

We want to grow our green energy portfolio in a sustainable way. Our aim is to address societal challenges that will strengthen our ability to achieve a world that runs entirely on green energy.
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Facing new challenges

All modes of energy generation have a potential bearing on our society and our environment. Together with our stakeholders, we identify the key challenges to our business.
One example is in our offshore wind power business where the challenges include the need to protect birdlife or marine mammals offshore. We also engage with local communities to establish local supply chains to promote economic growth. Having stringent processes for mitigation of potential adverse impacts, is necessary to obtain permits for offshore wind farms.
Another example is that retaining a talented, motivated and diverse work force is essential when driving business and societal agendas. Therefore, we have programmes to stimulate learning, collaboration and equal opportunities for all our employees.

Enabling sustainable growth - Programmes
  • Sourcing of certified sustainable biomass
     SDG: #15 → Target: 15.2

    We replace coal and gas at our power stations with sustainable biomass, mainly wood pellets and wood chips. Since not all biomass is sustainable, we document the sustainability of our biomass by means of certification in accordance with the Danish Industry Agreement on sourcing of sustainable forest-based biomass.

  • Local communities
    SDG: #11 → Target: 11.A

    We want to have a positive impact in the communities where we operate. By engaging communities and using local sources of labour and goods when possible, we strengthen the local support of our business activities. 

  • Performance and development

    We depend on our ability to attract, develop and retain talented employees to develop and supply more green energy to society.


  • Employee satisfaction and motivation

    Satisfied and motivated employees thrive and create a positive and collaborative working environment that drives positive change and contributes to sustainable growth in society and our business.

  • Employee diversity
    SDG: #5 → Target: 5.5

    A diverse workforce creates a dynamic working environment that stimulates innovative thinking. We focus on diverse recruiting and offering all employees equal opportunities for development. We have a particular focus on attracting more applications from women.

  • Protecting biodiversity
    SDG: #14 #15 → Target: 14.2, 15.5

    Climate change is the single largest threat to biodiversity loss. Green energy makes a major contribution to limiting climate change, but at a local level, conflicts may arise between green energy and biodiversity conservation. 

  • Resource management
    SDG: #6 #12 → Target: 6.4, 12.5

    We all rely on natural resources, but today our societies use more than what our planet can offer in the long run. We are committed to minimizing consumption and pursuing recycling and reuse of resources. Our main focus is energy and water efficiency and waste recycling. 

Sustainability stories

Taking good care of wildlife

Sustainability stories

A talented and diverse workforce