Trainee programme

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Training and professional experience

As a trainee in Ørsted, you will receive thorough training and professional experience allowing you to have meaningful impact and develop a solid foundation for your future career.

Application deadline

We are looking for trainees starting on the 1st of September 2018.
Our trainee positions are posted in January 2018.

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We are looking for trainees within the following three areas:
  • Administration
    As an office trainee specialising in administration, you will rotate among various departments and acquire a broad, all-round knowledge of office work. You will have the chance to try out assignments in such areas as project management, accounts, customer service, procurement, communications and HR management.
  • Communication
    As a trainee within communications, you will rotate among different communication teams where you will acquire knowledge of our internal and external web platforms, corporate branding and internal communication. You will learn the same basic skills as an administration trainee.
  • Finance
    As a finance trainee, you will get an insight into a wide variety of financial contexts. You will be introduced to the many different tasks handled by a finance department, such as entry of invoices, purchase orders, accounts payable registration, accounts payable reconciliation and VAT reporting. You will also be involved in bookkeeping tasks as well as the preparation of annual reports, cash payments and travel payments.

Two-year trainee programme

As a trainee, you will get an all-round two-year training plan. You will be working in different departments during your traineeship and acquire widespread knowledge of your specialist area and Ørsted. Your day-to-day work will be characterised by continuous learning and development. You will get plenty of exciting assignments, work with skilled colleagues, and gain thorough knowledge of the energy sector.

Department supervisors will support and guide you throughout your traineeship and day-to-day work in the department. At the start of your traineeship, you and your supervisor will create a development plan together, focusing on the goals you are expected to achieve during the time you are in the department. You and your supervisor will also have regular evaluation and status meetings.

School attendance and final assessment

During your traineeship, you will attend school, take lessons for specified periods of time, typically lasting one week, on both mandatory and optional subjects. Your training will finish with a final vocational test. This will ensure that you have achieved all the goals for your training, both the joint goals and the goals for teaching and learning during the traineeship. You should be able to formulate a problem, set goals, plan and carry out an assignment within a defined area of work. The final vocational test will finish with an oral exam at the business college.

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply for the trainee programme if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have completed a Higher Commercial Examination Programme equivalent to the Danish HHX + 5 weeks EUS or STX, HTX, HF + 10 weeks EUS or HG2, HGV/EUV or EUX within office or commerce, before beginning your traineeship
  • You are responsible and have a service-oriented attitude to your work
  • You have a structured approach to your work, both when you work alone and together with colleagues
  • You would like to develop personally and professionally

Ørsted as a workplace has exceeded all my expectations, and the trainee programme has enabled me to grow, not only as a professional, but on a personal level as well.

Mathias Rojh Madsen, Communication Trainee

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