Nomination Committee

Rules of Procedure
Nomination Committee rules of procedure.

The Nomination Committee reviews the composition of the Board of Directors and recommends suitable candidates to the shareholders at the annual general meeting.

Each year, a Nomination Committee is appointed after the annual general meeting, consisting of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and four members appointed by each of the four largest registered shareholders.

The current members of the Nomination Committee are:

  • Thomas Thune Andersen (Chairman of the Board of Directors)

  • Lene Skole (Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors)

  • Anders Damgaard (appointed by PFA Pension)

  • Peder Lundquist (appointed by the Danish Ministry of Finance)    
  • Jesper Hjulmand (appointed by SEAS-NVE)

  • Claus Wiinblad (appointed by Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension)

In March 2016, the Nomination Commitee recommended to the general meeting that all members of the Board of Directors be re-elected, and the general meeting followed the recommendation.

At its meeting in September 2016, the Nomination Commitee approved the meeting schedule for the year and discussed the composition of the Board of Directors as well as the need for replacements following the IPO. The Nomination Commitee also assessed the skills and profiles of the various board members, including the need to strengthen experience within management of large investment projects and corporate finance. The Nomination Commitee decided to start a recruitment process to strengthen these skills on the Board of Directors.