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Relevant for Wind Power, Bio-Thermal and Renescience suppliers only

Please take a few minutes to fill out the following page with contact details and company information. When all required information is completed, click the send button to register as a interested supplier to Ørsted. Please complete the form in English.

Registering as an interested supplier is not a guarantee to be invited for any tenders, awarded any work or contacted by Ørsted. Your registration will only make your company visible to Ørsted and your registered contact information may be used when we look for new potential suppliers.

Ørsted is generally only looking for tier 1 suppliers, as our procurement scopes primarily are of larger content/packages.  The information provided in the registration may be made available to all Ørsted entities and our Tier 1 suppliers. By registration you accept on behalf of your organization that Ørsted or our Tier 1 suppliers can contact you regarding potential work to be contracted.

Ørsted will process your personal data in our potential supplier list. The purpose of the processing is to contact your company and you for specific tasks. Hence, the registration of your name, title, email and contact phone is obligatory.

We strongly encourage you to read our Disclaimer and privacy policy for more information regarding our collection of your personal data.

Suppliers interested in participating in Ørsted tender procedures subject to the EU Utility Directive (Directive 2014/25/EU) are encouraged to register in the Achilles Utilities NCE database.

If you want to correct or delete your registration, please contact

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