Our vision and values

Creating a world that runs entirely on green energy

We believe that it's time to take real action to create a world that runs on green energy. Renewable energy holds the key to a cleaner future, and we need to act now to reduce the effects of climate change.
Below 2 degrees

Keeping the global temperature down

Since the Paris agreement took effect in 2016, the international community has begun a common path to address climate change, working towards limiting the global temperature rise below 1.5°C.

From black to green 

Despite the positive progress being made, we believe that more can be done to reduce the effects of climate change. More than a third of global carbon emissions come from power production. One third. This huge number is in part what made us completely rethink our business strategy a decade ago, causing us to initiate our transformation from a black to a green energy company.

Phasing out coal

Since 2006, we've reduced our coal consumption by 73% and decided to fully phase out coal by 2023. 

Coal reduction graphic

Power to the people

We've become a global leader in offshore wind with a market share of 25%, currently powering 9.5 million people. Our ambition is to raise this number to 30 million by 2025. In 2017, we divested our upstream oil and gas business, thereby completing our transformation into being fully dedicated to green energy. 
Total output for Ørsted-built offshore wind farms

Goodbye CO2

As a result, we've more than halved our carbon emissions over the last decade and will have reduced them by 98% by 2025.

...and saying 
goodbye to CO2

Building for the future

Our market-leading position within green energy has helped us reduce the costs of renewable energy, with declining costs increasingly gaining attention from new markets and investors that can now see the immense scalability potential of renewable energy as a more viable, efficient and sustainable option to fossil fuels.

Towards 2020, offshore wind
is expected to be the fastest
growing renewable energy technology in Europe.

Since we inaugurated the world’s first offshore wind farm back in 1991, offshore wind has evolved from being a niche technology to becoming a mainstream investment opportunity for energy companies and investors alike. 
Towards 2020, offshore wind is expected to be the fastest growing renewable energy technology in Europe. We're proud to be at the forefront of this rapid growth and will continue to expand our leading offshore wind capabilities globally to ensure the planet a timely transition from fossil-based to carbon-neutral energy sources.

Our three business areas

Our business isn't limited to offshore wind power. Our renewable capabilities also include market leading initiatives within Bioenergy and Customer Solutions. Each business area utilises state-of-the-art solutions to contribute to our goal of creating a sustainable future for our planet.

Empowering people

We want renewable energy to empower people, businesses and societies to unleash their potential without needing to worry about harming the planet or reducing opportunities for future generations.

Sponsorships and partnerships

Building opportunities